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The Kansas Historical Society maintains records about historic resources across the state. Many of these are available online and offer ways in which you can contribute to the resource.

Surveying is the process of identifying and gathering data on historic resources, including basic physical and historical information about a property, photographs, and site plan. A survey of local historic resources can be an important first step in determining the potential for an area to be listed as a historic district in the National Register of Historic Places or the Register of Historic Kansas Places.  

The Kansas Historic Resources Inventory (KHRI) is an interactive online database that contains survey records on buildings and structures and is fully searchable and available to the public.

Surveys can also contain information about other resources like historical markers. Find information about Kansas Historical Markers program from the mid 20th century.

Other types of surveys can include archeological resources. Learn more about assessment fieldwork that can be undertaken to record these resources. Public access to some of this information is restricted to protect and preserve precious resources.