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Public Records

The Kansas Historical Society administers a records management program for state and local government. This section is a resource for those who work with these types of records including best practices, how to create new schedules or transfer of records to the State Archives, related laws and statutes, records retention, as well as other training information. Find information about the State Records Board that oversees policies related to the preservation and disposition of state records. Learn about the land survey program and how to request and submit reports.

Records management - a resource for those who manage government records

  • Help - information about managing records
  • Training - find online resources or request in-person assistance
  • Best practices - a convenient source of information and guidelines
  • Electronic - tools and guidelines

Records retention schedules - tools to establish a program

State Records Board - overseeing permanent preservation of important state records

State Archives - the Historical Society has been preserving state records since 1905

Records protection - state and local laws relating to records

Land survey - providing information to professional land surveyors