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Knights and Ladies of Security/Security Benefit Association

Index to Death Claims

Each month from July 10, 1902 through October 10, 1919, under the title Knights and Ladies of Security, and from November 10, 1919 through November 1930, under the title The Security News, the newsletter of the Knights and Ladies of Security (later called the Security Benefit Association) fraternal beneficiary society, headquartered in Topeka, Kansas, published a list of death benefits paid out to members. The information given includes name of the deceased who was insured, date of death, and town from which the insured last made a premium payment. This information can sometimes be used to search for an obituary in the Kansas newspapers.

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This index is also available on microfilm reels:

  • T2640 (4/0/1895-2/10-1901)
  • T2641 (3/10/1901-1/10/1911)
  • T2642 (2/10/1911-6/10/1917)
  • T2643 (7/10/1917-3/10/1921)
  • T2644 (4/10/1921-12/0/1924)
  • T2645 (1/0/1925-7/0/1927)
  • T2656 (8/0/1927-12/0/1929)
  • T2647 (1/0/1930-6/0/1932)
  • T2648 (7/0/1932-3/0/1935)
  • T2649 (4/0/1935-8/0/1940)
  • T2650 (10/0/1940-6/0/1947)

This searchable index was prepared by volunteers Jill Herzog and Rowena Horr.