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Kansas Historical Quarterly - Winter 1973

Kansas Historical Quarterly, Winter 1973

Volume 39

Winter 1973, No. 4


Cover and contents

Charles L. Wood, "C. D. Perry: Clark County Farmer and Rancher, 1884-1908," p. 449

Louise Barry, "The Kansa Indians and the Census of 1843," p. 478

Tom Holman, "William G. Coffin, Lincoln's Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the Southern Superintendency," p. 491

Gambone, ed., "The Forgotten Feminist of Kansas: The Papers of Clarina I. H. Nichols, 1854-1885,", part 4 of 8, p. 515 | PDF version

Bypaths of Kansas History, p. 564

Kansas History as Published in the Press, p. 566

Kansas Historical Notes, p. 570

Erratum, Volume 39, p. 574

Index to Volume 39, p. 575


The Cover

A settler and Indians in a confrontation, a painting the "First Furrow," by O. C. Seltzer, courtesy the Thomas Gilcrease Institute, Tulsa, Okla.