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Kansas Historical Quarterly - Winter 1970

Kansas Historical Quarterly, Winter 1970

Volume 36

Winter 1970, No. 4


Cover and contents

Joseph W. Snell, ed., "By Wagon From Kansas to Arizona in 1875—The Travel Diary of Lydia E. English," p. 369.

David M. Emmons, "Richard Smith Elliott, Kansas Promoter," p. 390. Employed by the Kansas Pacific to promote Kansas and the railroad's land, Elliot became a believer in theory of increased rainfall and manager of three western Kansas experiment stations.

Judith H. Byrd and Philip R. Mason, eds., "A Story of the 22nd Kansas volunteer Infantry: From the Diary of Samuel Adams," p. 402.

Russell K. Hickman, "The Reeder Administration Inaugurated: Part II--The Census of Early 1855," p. 402.

Bypaths of Kansas History, p. 456.

Kansas History As Published in the Press, p. 457.

Kansas Historical Notes, p. 459.

Errata, Volume 36, p. 462

Index to Volume 36, p. 463.


The Cover

One of several views of Kansas credited to the fourth Viscount Southwell, about 1866, in a Times Literary Supplement of 1962 published in London. (Lithograph by Vincent Brooks, Day & Sons, London, England.) The print reproduced here is through the courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society. The color was added by an artists of the McCormick-Armstrong company, Wichita.

As for the viscount's picture, it was probably completed in England by artists who made the train look more English than Western American. "Kit Carson" and "Fort Riley," however, indisputably tie the scene to Kansas.