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Kansas Historical Quarterly - Winter 1969

Kansas Historical Quarterly, Winter 1969

Volume 35

Winter 1969, No. 4


Cover and contents

Richard N. Ellis, ed., "General Pope's Report on the West, 1866," p. 345.

Michael J. Brodhead and John D. Unruh, Jr., eds., "Isaiah Harris' 'Minutes of a Trip to Kansas Territory' in 1885," p. 373.

Willis Conner Sorensen, "The Kansas National Forest, 1905- 1915," p. 386.

J. Richard Snyder, "William S. Culbertson and the Formation of Modern American Commercial Policy, 1917-1925," p. 396.

Venola Lewis Bivans, ed., "The Diary of Luna E. Warner, A Kansas Teenager of the Early 1870s--Concluded," p. 411. (Volunteer: Molly Powel)


The Cover

President-elect Abraham Lincoln raising the flag with its new 34th (the Kansas) star at Philadelphia, February 22, 1861, as painted by J. L. G. Ferris. Reproduced here through the courtesy of William E. Ryder and the Smithsonian Institution.