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Kansas Historical Quarterly - Winter 1967

Kansas Historical Quarterly, Winter 1967

Volume 34

Winter 1967, No. 4


Cover and contents

Burton J. Williams, "John James Ingalls: The Sumner Years," p. 409.

Peter H. Argersinger, "Road to a Republican Waterloo: The Farmers' Alliance and the Election of 1890 in Kansas," p. 443.

Robert W. Richmond, "Humorist on Tour: Artemus Ward in Mid- America, 1864," p. 470.

James C. Malin, "Notes on the Several Editions of Eugene F. Ware's Rhymes of Ironquill," p. 481.


The Cover

This alluring lithograph of the "promised land" (Summer, in Atchison county), helped to induce John James Ingalls to come to Kansas. Ingalls arrived in 1858, and stayed although he pronounced the pictures a "chromatic triumph of lithographed mendacity.