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Kansas Historical Quarterly - Winter 1966

Kansas Historical Quarterly, Winter 1966

Volume 33

Winter 1966, No. 3


Cover and contents

When the Carolina Parakeet Was a Part of the Kansas Scene, frontispiece.

Marvin Ewy, "The United States Army in the Kansas Border Troubles, 1855-1856," p. 385.

James C. Malin, "Eugene F. Ware, Master Poet: Acceptance By Fort Scott and the State of Kansas—History as Business (Commerce), and as War," p. 401.

Louise Barry, comp., "Kansas Before 1854: A Revised Annals: Part Twenty-One, 1852," p. 426.


The Cover

Featured on the cover is John James Audubon's painting of the colorful Carolina parakeet, once numerous in eastern Kansas. This reproduction is from Audubon's painting in The Birds of America . . ., reissued in 1861 by J. W. Audubon, and copied here through the courtesy of the University of Kansas library, Lawrence.

See following pages for mentions of the Carolina Parakeet in Kansas, and Audubon's visit to Fort Leavenworth in 1843.