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Kansas Historical Quarterly - Summer 1975

Kansas Historical Quarterly, Summer 1975

Volume 42

Summer 1975, No. 2


Cover and contents

Don W. Wilson, "Charles Robinson: An Educational and Intellectual Leader," p. 129

William E. Powell, "European Settlement in the Cherokee- Crawford Coal Field of Southeastern Kansas," p. 150

Patricia Michaelis, "C. B. Hoffman, Kansas Socialist," p. 166

Nyle H. Miller, ed., "An English Runnymede in Kansas," p. 183

Recent Additions to the Library, p. 225.

Bypaths of Kansas History, p. 256.

Kansas History as Published in the Press, p. 257.

Kansas Historical Notes, p. 261.


The Cover

This nostalgic threshing scene (one can even feel the heat from the engine and wheat beards burrowing down one's collar) is done in oil by Arch W. Davis. The painting is owned by the Eisenhower Center at Abilene and is reproduced here through the courtesy of John E. Wickman, director.