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Kansas Historical Quarterly - Spring 1977

Kansas Historical Quarterly, Spring 1977

Volume 43

Spring 1977, No. 1


Cover and contents

Homer E. Socolofsky, "Kansas in 1876," p. 1 (Volunteer: Tod Roberts) | PDF version

R. Douglas Hurt, "The Construction and Development of Fort Wallace, Kansas, 1865-1882," p. 44 (Volunteer: Tod Roberts) | PDF version

H. Roger Grant, "Portrait of a Workers' Utopia: The Labor Exchange and the Freedom, Kan., Colony," p. 56 (Volunteer: Tod Roberts) | PDF version

Calvin W. Gower, "Aids to Prospective Prospectors: Guidebooks and Letters From Kansas Territory, 1858-1860," p. 67 (Volunteer: Tod Roberts) | PDF version

Annual Meeting, p. 78

Kansas History Off the Press, p. 112 | PDF version


The Cover

Jennifer Wolfe's reconstruction of a Marion County, Kansas, family in 1878. Mrs. Wolfe lives near Baldwin.