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Kansas Historical Quarterly - Spring 1975

Kansas Historical Quarterly, Spring 1975

Volume 42

Spring 1975, No. 1


Cover and contents

Dudley T. Cornish, "Carl Becker's Kansas: The Power of Endurance," p. 1

Clyde Thogmartin, "Prosper Jacotot: A French Worker Looks at Kansas in 1876-1877," p. 14

Nyle H. Miller, ed., "An English Runnymede in Kansas," p. 22

Clayton R. Koppes, "The Industrial Workers of the World and County-Jail Reform in Kansas, 1915-1920," p. 63

Annual Meeting, p. 87

Bypaths of Kansas History, p. 115.

Kansas History as Published in the Press, p. 119.

Kansas Historical Notes, p. 122.


The Cover

Members of the British Runnymede tennis club pose for a picture on their home court in Harper county, Kansas, August 13, 1891. Presumably some of the members were merely spectators, not players. (The touches of color were added by our friendly printers.) A story of the British colony (1888-1892) begins on p. 22, and will be concluded in the Summer 1975, issue.