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Kansas Historical Quarterly - Spring 1968

Kansas Historical Quarterly, Spring 1968

Volume 34

Spring 1968, No. 1


Cover and contents

"Battle of the Arickaree (or Beecher Island)," frontispiece.

A. Bower Sageser, "The Postal Career of Sen. Joseph L. Bristow," p. 1.

Glen Schwendemann, "Nicodemus: Negro Haven on the Solomon," p. 10. Among other things, attention is given to three of the town's early leaders, John W. Niles, A. T. Hall, and E. P. McCabe.

Charles Desmond Hart, "The Natural Limits of Slavery Expansion: Kansas-Nebraska, 1854," p. 32.

Bruce L. Larson, "Kansas and the Nonpartisan League: The Response to the Affair of Great Bend, 1921," p. 51.

The Annual Meeting: Containing Reports of the Secretary, Treasurer, Executive and Nominating Committees; Election of Officers; Memorial to Alan W. Farley; List of Directors of the Society, p. 72

Bypaths of Kansas History, p. 97

Kansas History as Published in the Press, p. 101

Kansas Historical Notes, p. 105


The Cover

"The Battle of the Arickaree (or Beecher island)," in 1868, as portrayed by Robert Lindneux in 1926. The painting is owned by the State Histoical Society of colorado through whose couertesy it is here reproduced. Born in 1871, Lindneux was living in Denver in 1968.