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Kansas Historical Quarterly - Spring 1956

Kansas Historical Quarterly, Spring 1956

Volume 22

Spring 1956, Number 1


Cover and contents

Alberta Pantle, comp. & ed., "The Connecticut Kansas Colony: Letters of Charles B. Lines to the New Haven (Conn.) Daily Palladium,"  | PDF version, p. 1.

"The Annual Meeting," p. 51. 

Farrell, F. D., "Dr. Lindley's Christmas Present," p. 67.

Eckdall, Frank F., "'Fighting' Fred Funston of Kansas," p. 78. 

Bypaths of Kansas History, p. 92.

Kansas History as Reported in the Press, p. 93.

Kansas Historical Notes, p. 94.


The Cover

The Edward H. Funston home, about five miles north of Iola on US-59, will soon be opened as a state museum under the administration of the Kansas Historical Society. The property was long owned by the family of E. H. Funston, a member of congress from Kansas, 1884-1894. It was the boyhood home of Maj. Gen. Frederick Funston, hero of the Phillippine insurrection and a top-ranking officer of the United States army in the early 1900's. The historic home was generously donated to the State of Kansas in 1955 by members of the Funston family through Mrs. Ella Funston Eckdall of Emporia, a sister of the General. (See pp. 78-86.)