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Kansas Historical Quarterly - November 1946

Kansas Historical Quarterly, November 1946

Volume 14

November 1946, Number 4


Cover and contents

Robert Taft, "The Pictorial Record of the Old West: IV. Custer's Last Stand--John Mulvany, Cassilly Adams and Otto Becker," p. 361. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson)

James C. Malin, "Dust Storms: Part Three, 1881-1900--Concluded," p. 391. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson)

Powell Moore, ed., "A Hoosier in Kansas: The Diary of Hiram H. Young, 1886-1895, Pioneer of Cloud County Part Three, 1892," p. 414. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson)

Bypaths of Kansas History

Kansas History as Published in the Press

Kansas Historical Notes


The Cover

"Custer's Last Fight," the Adams-Becker picture lithographed by Anheuser-Busch, Inc., St. Louis, through whose courtesy it is reproduced.