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Kansas Historical Quarterly - November 1939

Kansas Historical Quarterly, November 1939

Volume 8

November 1939, Number 4


About the Contributors

Cover and contents

James C. Malin, "The John Brown Legend in Pictures: Kissing the Negro Baby," p. 339. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson) | PDF version

Russell K. Hickman, "A Little Satire on Emigrant Aid: Amasa Soule and the Descandum Kansas Improvement Company," p. 342. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson) | PDF version

"Letters of John and Sarah Everett, 1854-1864; Miami County Pioneers--Concluded," p. 350. (Volunteer: Sean Furniss) | PDF version

Domenico Gagliardo, "Some Wage Legislation in Kansas," p. 384. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson) | PDF version

Bypaths of Kansas History, p. 399. | PDF version

Kansas History as Published in the Press, p. 407. | PDF version

Kansas Historical Notes, p. 415. | PDF version

Addendum, p. 418

Index to Volume VIII, p. 419