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Kansas Historical Quarterly - May 1942

Kansas Historical Quarterly, May 1942

Volume 11

May 1942, Number 2


About the Contributors

Cover and contents

Louise Barry, "The Fort Leavenworth-Fort Gibson Military Road and the Founding of Fort Scott," p. 115 | PDF version (Volunteers: Larry & Carolyn Mix)

Cora Dolbee, "The Fourth of July in Early Kansas (1858-1861)," p. 130. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson) |  PDF version

David F. McFarland, Jr., "The Ingalls Amendment to the Sherman Anti-Trust Bill," p. 173. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson) | PDF version

Harold C. Evans, "Some Notes on College Basketball in Kansas," p. 199. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson and Tod Roberts) | PDF version

Bypaths of Kansas History, p. 216 | PDF version

Kansas History as Published in the Press, p. 218 | PDF version

Kansas Historical Notes, p. 220, PDF version