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Kansas Historical Quarterly - May 1936

Kansas Historical Quarterly, May 1936

Volume 5

May 1936, No. 2


About the Contributors

Cover and contents

James C. Malin, "Frank Heywood Hodder, 1860-1935," p. 115. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson)

Lela Barnes, "Isaac McCoy and the Treaty of 1821," p. 122. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson)

Thomas C. Wells, "Letters of a Kansas Pioneer, 1855-1860," p. 143. Letters begin March 12, 1855, as Wells begins his journey to Kansas. Several references to Isaac Goodnow, Manhattan, where Wells soon settled. (Volunteers: Marilyn Dell Brandy, Don Dowdey, Lynn Nelson, and Dick Taylor)

George A. Root, "Ferries in Kansas: Part IX--Arkansas River--Concluded," p. 180. (Volunteer: Gardner Smith)

Dorothy Leibengood, "Labor Problems in the Second Year of Governor Martin's Administration," p. 191. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson)

William E. Smith, "The Grave of Sarah Keyes on the Oregon Trail," p. 208. (Volunteer: Elizabeth Lawrence)

Kansas History as Published in the Press, p. 213.

Kansas Historical Notes, p. 224.