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Kansas Historical Quarterly - May 1932

Kansas Historical Quarterly, May 1932

Volume 1

May 1932, No. 3



George A. Root, ed., "Extracts from Diary of Captain Lambert Bowman Wolf," p. 195 (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson) | PDF version

James G. Blunt, "General Blunt's Account of His Civil War Experiences," p. 211 (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson) | PDF version

Mrs. Frank C. Montgomery, "United States Surveyors Massacred by Indians (Lone Tree, Meade County, 1874)," p. 266 (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson) | PDF version

Fred N. Howell, "Some Phases of the Industrial History of Pittsburg, Kansas," p. 273 (Volunteer: Debbie Butler) | PDF version

James C. Malin, "Book Review--Nichols: Franklin Pierce: Young Hickory of the Granite Hills," p. 295 (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson) | PDF version

Kansas History As Published in the Press, p. 298

Kansas Historical Notes, p. 304

Errata to Volume I | PDF version