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Kansas Historical Quarterly - February 1937

Kansas Historical Quarterly, February 1937

Volume 6

February 1937, No. 1


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Cover and contents

Walker D. Wyman, "Kansas City, Mo., A Famous Freighter Capital," p. 3 (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson) | PDF version

George A. Root, "Ferries in Kansas: Part XII--Marmaton River, Part XIII- -Wakarusa Creek, Part XIV--Turkey Creek," p. 14 (Volunteer: Gardner Smith) | PDF version

Samuel A. Johnson, "The Emigrant Aid Company in the Kansas Conflict," p. 21. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson)

Kate Edwards, "An Old Play on John Brown," p. 34 (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson) | PDF version

Martha B. Caldwell, ed., "Exploring the Solomon River Valley in 1869: From the Journal of Robert McBratney," p. 60 (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson) | PDF version

The Annual Meeting, p. 77 | PDF version

Bypaths of Kansas History, p. 97 | PDF version

Kansas History as Reported in the Press, p. 106 | PDF version

Kansas Historical Notes, p. 111 | PDF version