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Kansas Historical Quarterly - February 1934

Kansas Historical Quarterly, February 1934

Volume 3

February 1934, No. 1


About the Contributors

Robert Taft, "A Photographic History of Early Kansas," p. 3 | PDF version

George A. Root, "Kansas Ferries: Part II -- Kansas River," concluded, p. 15 | PDF version

William Stanley Hoole, "A Southerner's Viewpoint of the Kansas Situation, 1856-1857: The Letters of Lieut. Col. A. J. Hoole, C. S. A.," p. 43 | PDF version

Thomas Amory Lee, "William C. Hook -- Judge of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals of the United States," p. 68 | PDF version

O. W. Mosher, Jr., "Historical Collections and Public Entertainments," p. 86 | PDF version

The Annual Meeting, p. 91 | PDF version

Kansas History as Published in the State Press, p. 105 | PDF version

Kansas Notes, p. 111 | PDF version

Errata to Volume III | PDF version