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Kansas Historical Quarterly - February 1932

Kansas Historical Quarterly, February 1932

Volume 1

February 1932, No. 2



Esther Clark Hill, "The Pratt Collection of Manuscripts," p. 83 | PDF version

Esther Clark Hill, "Some Background of Early Baptist Missions in Kansas Based on Letters in the Pratt Collection of Manuscripts and Documents," p. 94 | PDF version

Nyle H. Miller, ed., "Surveying the Southern Boundary line of Kansas: From the Private Journal of Col. Joseph E. Johnston," p. 104 | PDF version

Marvin H. Garfield, "Defense of the Kansas Frontier, 1864-65," p. 140 | PDF version

George A. Root, ed., "No-Ko-Aht's Talk: A Kickapoo Chief's Account of a Tribal Journal from Kansas to Mexico and Return in the Sixties," p. 153 | PDF version

James C. Malin, "Notes on the Literature of Populism," p. 160 | PDF version

Annual Meeting (1931), p. 165

Recent Additions to the Library, p. 176

Kansas History as Published in the State Press (Transcription), p. 184 | PDF version

Kansas Historical Notes, p. 190 | PDF version

Errata to Volume I | PDF version