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Kansas Historical Quarterly - Autumn 1965

Kansas Historical Quarterly, Autumn 1965

Volume 31

Autumn 1965, No. 3


Cover and contents

Bruce L. Larson, "Kansas and the Panay Incident, 1937," p. 233.

Walter T. K. Nugent, "How the Populists Lost in 1894," p. 245.

Louise Barry, comp., "Kansas Before 1854: A Revised Annals, Part Eighteen, 1849," p. 256.

Bypaths of Kansas History, p. 340.

Kanas History as Published in the Press, p. 341.

Kansas Historical Notes, p. 342.


The Cover

This Oscar E. Berninghaus painting, "Union Pacific Train in Western Kansas, About 1870," was executed in 1911 as one of a series of Westerns commissioned by Adolphus Busch of St. Louis. It becomes our cover reproduction through the courtesy of August A. Busch, Jr.

Here again an artist skillfully painted an arrangement of many of the eye-catching props which are hallmarks of the American West that was frontier town, Indians, wigwams, balloon-stacked locomotive, wooden cars, station, stagecoach, and covered wagon. The result is a composite suggesting a U.P. station scene west of Junction City.