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Kansas Historical Quarterly - Autumn 1961

Kansas Historical Quarterly, Autumn 1961

Volume 27

Autumn 1961, No. 3


Cover and contents

Albert Castel, "Enlistment and Conscription in Civil War Kansas," p. 313.

Donald M. Murray & Robert M. Rodney, eds., "The Letters of Peter Bryant, Jackson County Pioneer: First Installment, 1854- 1861," | PDF Version, p. 320.

Louise Barry, comp., "Kansas Before 1854: A Revised Annals, Part Three, 1804-1818," p. 353.

Miller & Snell, "Some Notes on Kansas Cowtown Police Officers and Gun Fighters—Continued," p. 383. (Volunteer: Mike McFadden)

Bypaths of Kansas History, p. 448.

Kansas History As Published in the Press, p. 449.

Kansas Historical Notes, p. 453.


The Cover

Confederate charge on Col. G. W. Veale's Union battery, Second Kansas Militia, at the Battle of the Big Blue, east of Kansas City, Mo., October 22, 1864. Pastel by Samuel J. Reader, Topeka, 1895.