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Kansas Historical Quarterly - Autumn 1958

Kansas Historical Quarterly, Autumn 1958

Volume 24

Autumn 1958, Number 3


Cover and contents

Louise Barry, ed., With the First U. S. Cavalry in Indian Country, 1859-1861," p. 257.

Margaret Evans Caldwell, "The Mudge Ranch, Hodgeman County," p. 285.

J. Neale Carman, "Foreigners of 1857-1865 at Schippel's Ferry, Saline County," p. 305.

James C. Malin, "'Creative Evolution': the Philosophy of Elisha Wesley McComas, Fort Scott," p. 314.

Langsdorf and Richmond, eds., "Letters . . . Pt. Three, October 1, 1861 - June 7, 1862," p. 351.

Bypaths of Kansas History

Kansas History as Published in the Press

Kansas Historical Notes