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Kansas Historical Quarterly - August 1938

Kansas Historical Quarterly, August 1938

Volume 7

August 1938, Number 3


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Edgar Langsdorf, "S. C. Pomeroy and the New England Emigrant Aid Company, 1854-1858," p. 227. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson)

Raymond L. Welty, "The Policing of the Frontier by the Army, 1860-1870," p. 246. (Volunteers: Larry & Carolyn Mix)

Myra E. Hull, "Kansas Play-Party Songs," p. 258. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson)

Berlin B. Chapman, "Removal of the Osages from Kansas," p. 287. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson)

Martha B. Caldwell, "Some Kansas Rain Makers," p. 306. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson)

Bypaths of Kansas History

Kansas History as Reported in the Press

Kansas Historical Notes