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Kansas Historical Quarterly - August 1933

Kansas Historical Quarterly, August 1933

Volume 2

August 1933, No. 2


Cover and contents

"Two Minute Books of Kansas Missions in the Forties," p.227 (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson) | PDF version

George A. Root, "Ferries in Kansas: Part II--Kansas River," p. 251 (Volunteer: Gardner Smith) | PDF version

Kirke Mechem, "The Bull Fight at Dodge," p. 294 (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson) | PDF version

Gen. Wm. H. Sears, "The Robinson Rifles," p. 309 | PDF version (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson)

Kansas History as Published in the Press, p. 321 | PDF version

Kansas Historical Notes, p. 336 | PDF version

Errata to Volume II | PDF version