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Kansas Historical Collections - Volume XIV

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1915-1918 - Volume XIV


Lee, Thomas Amory. "Alfred Washburn Benson." 14 (1918): 4-22. Judge Benson (1843-1916) of Ottawa was a local official, legislator, and district court judge before his appointment to U.S. Senate in 1906.

Stephens, Kate. "Judge Nelson Timothy Stephens." 14 (1918): 23-58. Sketch of Stephens (1820-1884) who was important in establishment of University of Kansas law school by his daughter with length quotes from speeches and other writings.

Sanborn, Victor Channing. "Franklin Benjamin Sanborn, A.B., 1831-1917." 14 (1918): 58-70. Followed by "Personal Reminiscences" by W. E. Connelley of the New Englander who was "one of the early friends of Kansas," as well as a friend, supporter, and latter biographer of John Brown.

Smith, F. Dumont. "Senator E. F. Porter, Founder of the State Manual Training Normal School, at Pittsburg." 14 (1918): 75-80. State senator from 1901-1917 who backed legislation to establish what later became Pittsburg State University.

"Some Ingalls Letters." 14 (1918): 94-122. From a young John J. Ingalls in Sumner, K.T., to his father, 1858-1861.

Morrall, Albert. "Dr. Albert Morrall: Proslavery Soldier in Kansas in 1856." 14 (1918): 123-142. Came to Kansas in 1856 with military company from South Carolina.

Shields, Clara M. Fengel. "The Lyon Creek Settlement." 14 (1918): 143-170. Focuses on German colony in Marion, Dickinson, and Geary counties located first in 1857; later settlers came from Wisconsin and directly from Germany.

Lyman, William A. "Origin of the Name 'Jayhawker,' and How it Came to be Applied to the People of Kansas." 14 (1918): 203-207. Different opinions regarding origin of this well-known, one time infamous, epithet.

Moody, Joel. "The Marais Des Cygnes Massacre." 14 (1918): 208-223. With map showing route Hamilton took as he gathered free-state victims of Linn County atrocity, May 19, 1858.

Tannar, A. H. "Early Days in Kansas: The Marais Des Cygnes Massacre and the Rescue of Ben Rice." 14 (1918): 224-234. Author settled in Linn County in 1857.

Gardner, Theodore. "The First Kansas Battery: An Historical Sketch, With Personal Reminiscences of Army Life, 1861-'65." 14 (1918): 235-282. Author had settled near Lone Star, Douglas County, 1855; includes maps showing battery's service from Kansas City to Chattanooga.

Greene, Albert Robinson. "Campaigning in the Army of the Frontier." 14 (1918): 283-310. Author served with Co. A, 9th Kansas Cavalry; he focuses on events of late 1862 including action at Cane Hill and Prairie Grove, Arkansas.

"Statement of Capt. J. A. Pike Concerning the Quantrill Raid." 14 (1918): 311-318. Commander Co. K., 9th Kansas Cavalry, who came under attack for his failure to engage guerrillas after raid.

"The Civil War Diary of John Howard Kitts." 14 (1918): 318-332. Service in the 11th Kansas; entries cover period August 23, 1862 - October 16, 1864.

Walker, George M. "Eleventh Kansas Cavalry, 1865, And Battle of Platter Bridge." 14 (1918): 332-340. Includes map of Indian battle area in what is now Wyoming.

Vincent, Frank. "History of Salt Discovery and Production in Kansas, 1887-1915." 14 (1918): 358-378. Ellsworth, Rice, Reno, Kingman, and Harper counties embrace major rock salt deposits.

Gable, Frank M. "The Kansas Penitentiary." 14 (1918): 379-437. Construction began at site (later Lansing) south of Leavenworth in 1864.

Connelley, William E. "Notes on the Early Indian Occupancy of the Great Plains." 14 (1918): 438-470. Covers many different peoples from early Caddoan occupancy through early 1800s.

Zimmerman, Mark E. "The Ground-House Indians and Stone-Cist Grave Builders of Kansas and Nebraska." 14 (1918): 471-487. Early report on archeological record of "mound builders" who once inhabited what is now northeastern Kansas.

Connelley, William E. "The Prairie Band of Pottawatomie Indians." 14 (1918): 488-570. Includes detailed map of their current (1918) Jackson County reservation and official roll of allottees.

"Letters Concerning the Presbyterian Mission in the Pawnee Country, Near Bellvue, Neb., 1831-1849." 14 (1918): 570-784. Most by missionaries John Dunbar, Samuel Allis, George B. Gaston, and Timothy E. Ranney.

Platt, Mrs. E. G. "Some Experiences as a Teacher Among the Pawnees." 14 (1918): 784-794. Sister of Rev. G. B. Gaston, joined him as mission teacher in Platte country.

Morehouse, George Pierson. "Diamond Springs, `The Diamond of the "Plain.'" 14 (1918): 794-804. Some history of this southwestern Morris County community on Santa Fe Trail since 1825.