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Kansas Historical Collections - Volume XII

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1911-1912 - Volume XII

Whiting, Albe B. "Some Western Border Conditions in the 50's and 60's." 12 (1912): 1-10. Presidential address by an early settler in area northwest of Fort Riley commenting primarily on Indian raids.

Calderhead, William A. "The Service of the Army in Civil Life After the War." 12 (1912): 14-24. Contributions to all aspects of society made by Union veterans.

Webster, John Lee. "The West: Its Place in American History." 12 (1912): 25-36. President of Nebraska Historical Society comments on the "Great West," history, and the role of state historical societies.

Hull, O. C. "Railroads in Kansas." 12 (1912): 37-52. General comments on significance to regional development, statistics, and brief histories of seventeen companies.

Fitz, Leslie A. "The Development of the Milling Industry in Kansas." 12 (1912): 53-59. First grist and sawmill built by an Indian, Matthias Splitlog, at Wyandotte in 1852; with discussion of contributions by C. B. Hoffman and other early millers.

Webster, Edwin H. "Fifty Years of Kansas Agriculture." 12 (1912): 60-64. Includes graph juxtaposing acreage, income, per bushel value, and yield of wheat and corn from 1862-1911.

Shoup, Earl Leon. "Indian Missions in Kansas." 12 (1912): 65-69. Pre-territorial missionary contributions to future state development; role of Isaac McCoy, Thomas Johnson, and others.

Hill, Charles E. "Progressive Legislation in Kansas." 12 (1912): 69-77. Many positive laws enacted during first decade of century, but not "strikingly original" to Kansas.

Carruth, W. H. "Universities of Fifty Years Ago and the University of Kansas To-Day." 12 (1912): 77-87. European and American influences on KU at time of its founding with status report on university in 1912.

Lyman B. Kellogg. "The Founding of the State Normal School." 12 (1912): 88-98. By first principal of Emporia teachers college, opened in February 1865.

Byers, O. P. "Personal Recollections of the Terrible Blizzard of 1886." 12 (1912): 99-117. Includes accounts by several western Kansans followed by brief remarks on blizzards of 1856 and 1887.

Parker, John D. "Earthquake in Kansas." 12 (1912): 121-131. Comments on most severe which occurred in April 1867, with accounts of less serious earthquakes of 1875, 1877, 1895, and 1906.

Spencer, Rev. Joab. "The Methodist Episcopal Church, South, in Kansas--1854 to 1906." 12 (1912): 135-182. Origins of the "Church South" organized in 1845 and its subsequent work in Kansas.

Gowing, Clara. "Life Among the Delaware Indians." 12 (1912): 183-193. Gowing worked at the Baptist Mission school on Grinter crossing, 1859-1864.

Landrum, Charles Hanford. "A History of the Kansas School Fund." 12 (1912): 195-217. Use and misuse of monies raised for support of public schools through sales of school lands and the continued need for new legislation governing its disposal.

Baskett, James Newton. "A Study of the Route of Coronado Between the Rio Grande and Missouri Rivers." 12 (1912): 219-252. Includes map of route from New Mexico to Junction City area.

Smith, E. D. "Jedediah S. Smith and the Settlement of Kansas." 12 (1912): 252-260. Famous trapper/trader in Kansas area during 1820s.

Himes, George H. "Crossing the Plains." 12 (1912): 261-269. Notes on overland journey of Dr. Marcus Whitman and his wife Narcissa Prentiss Whitman to Oregon in 1836.

Hannahs, Harrison. "General Thomas Ewing, Jr." 12 (1912): 276-282. Ewing's Civil War experience from 1862 through 1864.

Hamilton, Clad. "A Colonel of Kansas." 12 (1912): 282-292. Henry C. Lindsey, Civil War veteran, captain in 18th Kansas (1867), and colonel in 22nd Kansas during Spanish-American War.

McGonigle, James A. "First Kansas Infantry in the Battle of Wilson's Creek." 12 (1912): 292-295. By a lieutenant in Company H during August 1861 battle near Springfield, Missouri.

"Diary of Chauncey B. Whitney." 12 (1912): 296-302. Interesting daily record kept by one of Col. George Forsyth's scouts at Beecher Island (September 1868) and April 22, 1912, letter from L. H. Carpenter, captain in 10th Cavalry that rescued besieged troops.

Ferguson, Samuel W. "With Albert Sidney Johnston's Expedition to Utah, 1857." 12 (1912): 303-312. Ferguson, recent West Point graduate, spent some time in Kansas before moving with Johnston's dragoons against Mormons.

Thoburn, Joseph B. "Indian Fight in Ford County in 1859." 12 (1912): 312-329. Major Earl Van Dorn's expedition from Camp Radziminski (Indian Territory) and engagements with Comanche in western Kansas.

Shindler, Henry. "The First Capital of Kansas." 12 (1912): 331-337. Despite designation of Pawnee as first territorial capital, Fort Leavenworth was first seat of government established when Andrew Reeder arrived there in October 1854.

Moore, Ely, Jr. "The Naming of Osawatomie, and Some Experiences With John Brown." 12 (1912): 338-346. Son of special agent to Indians (1853) and later early Lecompton official, argues that "Brown's brain was unbalanced."

Beach, James H. "Mother Smith, of Ellis." 12 (1912): 347-352. Early 20th century call for more attention to women's history and focus on "Mrs. Smith" who first came to Kansas, with her children, in 1870.

Cole, Fannie E. "Pioneer Life in Kansas." 12 (1912): 353-358. Author settled on farm north of Topeka with her parents in 1855.

Martin, George W. "A Chapter from the Archives." 12 (1912): 359-375. Secretary of KSHS discusses history of money and banking, with emphasis on territorial period.

Carr, E. T. "Reminiscences Concerning Fort Leavenworth in 1855-'56." 12 (1912): 375-383. Author removed to Kansas from New York in 1855 to work as carpenter at fort.

Byers, Otto Philip. "The Conception and Growth of a Kansas Railroad." 12 (1912): 383-387. J. P. Usher, secretary of interior under Lincoln, originated idea for McPherson, Texas & Gulf in mid-1880s.

Goodrich, DeWitt C. "The Exodus to Kansas in 1855." 12 (1912): 388-396. As a boy of 10, author was part of migration from Eastern and Middle Western states.

Abbott, Francis A. "Some Reminiscences of Early Days on Deep Creek, Riley County." 12 (1912): 392-396. Author removed from cotton mills of Lowell, Mass., in 1855.

"Women in Office." 12 (1912): 396-401. List of women having held local offices by county and city.

McAllaster, O. W. "My Experience in the Lawrence Raid." 12 (1911-1912): 401-404. Lawrence journalist at the time of Quantrill's 1863 raid.

"Kansas Chronology." 12 (1912): 404-426. Major happenings through 1911, grouped by month.

"Some of the Lost Towns of Kansas." 12 (1912): 426-490. Brief history of many ghost towns followed by extensive list of "Extinct Geographical Locations."