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Kansas Historical Collections - Volume XI

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1909-1910 - Volume XI


Rhodes, Charles Harker. "The Significance of Kansas History." 11 (1910): 1-4. Political struggles of 1850s, he argued, made Kansas history unique.

Veale, George W. "Coming In and Going Out." 11 (1910): 5-12. The author's KSHS presidential address which focuses mainly on his experiences in 1850s Quindaro.

"First Appearance of Kansas at a National Convention." 11 (1910): 12-18. Republican national convention at Chicago, 1860.

Bergin, Alfred. "The Swedish Settlements in Central Kansas." 11 (1910): 19-46. Includes map and description of lands settled by various immigrants, with photos of many including Reverends Alfred Bergin and Olof Olson and Dr. Carl Swensson.

Waters, Joseph G. "Fifty Years of the Wyandotte Constitution." 11 (1910): 47-52. Although generally a good instrument, Waters holds that "conservatism of other states" was reflected in this document.

Martin, George W. "The Boundary Lines of Kansas." 11 (1910): 53-74. Background and discussions that led to establishment of present borders at Wyandotte Convention of 1859.

Connelley, William E. "The East Boundary Line of Kansas." 11 (1910): 75-80. With map of Kansas City area and discussion of long-standing dispute between Kansas and Missouri.

Douglas, Richard L. "A History of Manufactures in the Kansas District." 11 (1910): 81-211. Important study that includes railroads, mineral industry, packing, milling, and many others.

Cory, Charles E. "The Sixth Kansas Cavalry and Its Commander." 11 (1910): 217-238. Includes map of the battle ground at Cane Hill.

Fox, S. M. "The Early Historical Collections 11 (1910): 238-253. A sympathetic treatment of infamous regiment better known as "Jennison's Jayhawkers."

Martin, George W. "Memorial Monument and Tablets in Kansas." 11 (1910): 253-281. KSHS secretary's comments on and chronological (as erected) listing of "historically significant markers."

Geary, Daniel. "War Incidents at Kansas City." 11 (1910): 282-291. Reprint of letter written to George Martin (KSHS) recounting his (Geary's) Civil War experiences.

Keeling, Henry C. "My Experiences with the Cheyenne Indians." 11 (1910): 306-313. Author was post trader at "Cantonment" in Indian Territory from 1879 until he removed to Caldwell, Kansas, 1885.

Romig, Rev. Joseph. "The Chippewa and Munsee (or Christian) Indians of Franklin County, Kansas." 11 (1910): 314-323. Brief history of these tribes including experience on Kansas reservation after 1839 by "their missionary."

Dunbar, Rev. John. "The Presbyterian Mission Among the Pawnee Indians in Nebraska, 1834 to 1836." 11 (1910): 323-332. Recalls his experiences among "these savage people" whose many "vices" included the practice "of polygamy."

Ferris, Ida M. "The Sauks and Foxes in Franklin and Osage Counties, Kansas." 11 (1910): 333-395. With photos of Keokuk, his family, and others.

Dunbar, John B. "Massacre of the Villazur Expedition by the Pawnees on the Platte in 1720." 11 (1910): 397-423. Includes map and sketch of ruins of El Cuartalejo, which was located in present Scott County.

King, Clyde Lyndon. "The Kansas School System--Its History and Tendencies." 11 (1910): 424-455. Covers development of elementary and secondary education, plus institutions of higher education.

"The Santa Fe Trail in Johnson County, Kansas." 11 (1910): 456-463. Comments on and proceedings of Santa Fe trail marker dedication at Lone Elm, November 9, 1906.

Moore, Ely, Jr. "The Story of Lecompton." 11 (1910): 463-480. Author's father (Ely,Sr.) was first register at Lecompton's federal land office.

Laing, Rev. Francis S. "German-Russian Settlements in Ellis County, Kansas." 11 (1910): 489-528. Focuses on Catholic element of this migration and includes map of settlement patterns.

Cruise, John D. "Early Days on the Union Pacific." 11 (1910): 529-549. Cruise, who became the U.P., Kansas Division's first superintendent of telegraphy and later its general agent at Topeka, focused on events and developments of the 1860s.

White, Mrs. S. B. "My First Days in Kansas." 11 (1910): 550-560. With her lawyer husband, she settled at Junction City in 1855.

"Statement of Theodore Weichselbaum, of Ogden, Riley County, July 17, 1908." 11 (1910): 561-571. German immigrant who opened store at Ogden in 1857; also became involved financially with sutlers stores at many Kansas forts.

Beach, James H. "Old Fort Hays." 11 (1910): 571-581. Officially established on its present site near Hays City in June 1867; describes activity their to 1900.

Bisbey, J. M., et al. "Pioneering in Wabaunsee County." 11 (1910): 594-613. A collection of papers focusing on transportation, Santa Fe Trail, land office, militia service, and many routine activities of 1850s and 1860s settlers.