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Kansas Historical Collections - Volume X

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1907-1908 - Volume X


Mead, James R. "The Little Arkansas." 10 (1908): 7-14. History and personal observations of this area for 1850s and 1860s.

Martin, George W., et al. "The Centennial Celebration at Pike's Pawnee Village." 10 (1908): 15-159. Addresses and papers delivered at ceremony in September 1906, many of which deal with the Pike expedition and the Pawnees.

Monroe, Lilla Day. "Some Woman's Suffrage History." 10 (1908): 29-37. Relates Kansas progress in this area to other parts of the nation and world.

Murphy, Eva M. "The Woman's Christian Temperance Union." 10 (1908): 37-43. State organization established in 1878.

Dalton, Elma B. "The Ladies of the Grand Army." 10 (1908): 50-54. Organization and activities of this women's auxiliary of the GAR.

Dunbar, John B. "The White Man's Foot in Kansas." 10 (1908): 54-98. Includes comment on Coronado's march to Quivira, Juan de Padilla, and Governor Onate's explorations in the region.

Coney, Patrick H. "Attainments of the G. A. R." 10 (1908): 149-151. Growth and purpose of this veterans' organization founded in 1866.

McCarter, Margaret Hill. "The Measure of a State." 10 (1908): 161-168. The Kansas author speaks of fifty years of change in Kansas with many literary allusions and quotations.

"Fiftieth Anniversary of the First Free State Territorial Legislature, 1857." 10 (1908): 169-182. Information and statements pertaining to the ceremony with some of historical value.

Elliott, R. G. "The Grasshopper Falls Convention and the Legislature of 1857." 10 (1908): 182-196. Includes an address delivered in December 1907 and his autobiography.

Crawford, George A. "The Candle-box Under the Woodpile." 10 (1908): 196-204. Fraudulent ballots from the 1857 vote on the Lecompton Constitutional were discovered in the box.

"Biographies of Members of the Free State Territorial Legislature of 1857." 10 (1908): 204-216. Brief sketches of most members of Council and House of Representatives.

"What Might Have Happened had Lecompton Prevailed." 10 (1908): 216-223. Includes reprints of Thomas Ewing and Charles Robinson letters from December 1857 -May 1858.

Hodder, Frank Heywood. "Some Aspects of the English Bill for the Admission of Kansas." 10 (1908): 224-232. Congressional compromise that provided for the resubmission of Lecompton Constitution, May 1858.

Ballard, David E. "The First State Legislature, 1861." 10 (1908): 232-254. Followed by biographical sketches of members.

Dawson, John S. "The Legislature of 1868." 10 (1908): 254-279. Followed by brief biographical sketches of legislators.

Martin, George W. "The Life and Services of James Humphrey." 10 (1907-1908): 280-293. Humphrey (1833-1907) was an early editor, Democratic politician, lawyer, and judge.

Morehead, Warren K. "The Passing of Red Cloud." 10 (1908): 295-311. Biographical sketch of the famous Oglala Sioux chief (1822-1909).

Plank, Pryor. "The Iowa, Sac and Fox Indian Mission and Its Missionaries, Rev. Samuel M. Irvin and Wife." 10 (1907-1908): 312-325. First moved to area in 1837; includes excerpts from their correspondence.

Morehouse, George P. "History of the Kansa or Kaw Indians." 10 (1908): 327-368. Attention to various individual Kansa villages contacted by early Anglo explorers.

Street, William D. "Cheyenne Indian Massacre on the Middle Fork of the Sappa." 10 (1908): 368-373. Tragic events of Spring 1875 in northwestern Kansas.

Spencer, Rev. Joab. "The Kaw or Kansas Indians: Their Customs, Manners, and Folk-lore." 10 (1908): 373-382. Discusses marriage, dances, punishment, medicine, and other beliefs and practices.

Spencer, Rev. Joab. "The Shawnee Indians: Their Customs, Traditions, and Folk-lore." 10 (1908): 382-402. Includes biographical sketch of one chief, Captain Joseph Parker (1793-1859).

Moore, Ely. "A Buffalo Hunt with the Miamis in 1854." 10 (1908): 402-409. Moore traveled from New York to "Indian country" in July for the hunt; describes trip and different things about his Indian hosts.

Birch, James H. "The Battle of Coon Creek." 10 (1907-1908): 409-413. Personal account of 1848 Indian fight near present Kinsley on Santa Fe Trail.

Moore, Milton. "An Incident on the Upper Arkansas in 1864." 10 (1908): 414-417. Freight hauling on the Santa Fe Trail and an unfriendly encounter with Indians.

"The Frontier Guard at the White House, 1861." 10 (1908): 419-421. Roster of Jim Lane's first regiment.

Manning, Edwin C. "A Kansas Soldier." 10 (1908): 421-428. Civil War experience of Samuel Crawford (later governor) are main focus.

Hadley, James A. "The Nineteenth Kansas Cavalry and the Conquest of the Plains Indians." 10 (1908): 428-456. Hadley served in both 18th Kansas Cavalry (1867) and 19th Kansas, winter, 1868-1869.

Robinson, Sara T. D. "The Wakarusa War." 10 (1908): 457-471. Wife of Free-state leader and first state governor, Dr. Charles Robinson, recounts events of November and December 1855.

Morehouse, George P. "Padilla and the Old Monument near Council Grove." 10 (1908): 472-479. Father Juan de Padilla, member of Coronado's expedition.

Chapman, William J. "The Wakefield Colony." 10 (1908): 485-533. Includes detailed information on land owners and several maps of this important 1860s and early 1870s English settlement in Clay County.

Chappell, Phil. E. "Floods in the Missouri River." 10 (1908): 533-563. Flooding in the 580,000 square mile watershed since 1724 and other observations about the river and its environs.

Hadley, James A. "A Royal Buffalo Hunt." 10 (1908): 564-580. January 1872 excursion of Grand Duke Alexis of Russia; followed by Chalkley M. Beeson's account of the buffalo hunt.

Smith, E. D. "The Passing of the Cattle-trail." 10 (1908): 580-588. Sketch of Robert A. Harper, a Texas stockman who drove a herd to Dodge in 1880 and subsequently pursued cattle business in southwest Kansas.

Horton, James C. "Peter D. Ridenour and Harlow W. Baker, Two Pioneer Kansas Merchants." 10 (1908): 589-621. The partners first established their general merchandise business in Lawrence in 1863 in time to have it destroyed by Quantrill's raiders.

Harrison, Emily Haines. "Reminiscences of Early Days in Ottawa County." 10 (1908): 622-631. Mrs. Harrison and her son homesteaded in the southwest corner of county in 1866.

Mackey, William H., Sr. "Looking Backward." 10 (1908): 642-654. Removed to Kansas with company of Ohio and Kentucky settlers in April 1855 and settled in Fort Riley area.