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Kansas Historical Collections - Volume VIII

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1903-1904 - Volume VIII


Greene, Albert R. "United States Land-Offices in Kansas." 8 1904): 1-13. Includes list of officials and map, "Kansas Territory in 1856."

Fox, Simeon M. "The Story of the Seventh Kansas." 8(1904): 13-49. Favorable history by a veteran of the much maligned regiment commonly known as "Jennison's Jayhawkers."

Blackman, Elmer E. "Sherman County and the H.U.A." 8 (1904): 50-62. Homesteaders' Union Association organized in 1887 with primary objective to settle county seat fight.

Bartles, William L. "Massacre of Confederates By Osage Indians in 1863." 8 (1904): 62-66. Battle took place on Verdigris River in Indian Territory.

Abel, Anna Heloise. "Indian Reservations in Kansas and the Extinguishment of Their Title." 8 (1904): 72-109. Significant study completed as master's thesis at Kansas University, 1902; includes map of Indian reservations in Kansas, 1846.

Wilson, Hill P. "Black Kettle's Last Raid--1868." 8 (1904): 110-117. Biased account of one aspect of Plain's conflict leading up to Washita campaign of 1868 by Fort Hays post trader.

Green, Charles R. "Historical Work in Osage County." 8 (1904): 126-133. Includes list of early settlers.

Morehouse, George P. "A Famous Old Crossing on the Santa Fe Trail." 8 (1904): 137-143. Neosho River crossing at Council Grove and its environs.

Horton, James C. "Business Then and Now." 8 (1904): 143-148. Compares banks, credit, newspapers, and other Kansas business and economic characteristics of 1850s with those of 1903.

McClure, William T. "The Fourth Kansas Militia in the Price Raid." 8 (1904): 149-151. Jefferson County unit activated, as were many others, in fall of 1864; engaged Price's Confederates at Byron's ford on October 23.

Richey, W. E. "Early Spanish Explorations and Indian Implements in Kansas." 8 (1904): 152-168. Includes map of "Coronado's Route to Quivira in the Year 1541" and comments on archeological evidence.

Hubbard, David. "Reminiscences of the Yeager Raid, On the Santa Fe Trail, In 1863." 8 (1904): 168-171. Guerrilla incursion in Douglas County three months before infamous Lawrence raid.

Mead, James R. "The Wichita Indians in Kansas." 8 (1904): 171-177. Although interpretation is dated, contains some helpful information on other tribes as well.

Shively, S. J. "The Pottawatomie Massacre." 8 (1904): 175-187. Right or wrong, author considers Brown's May 1856 massacre near Dutch Henry crossing a pivotal event.

Cory, C. E. "The Osage Ceded Lands." 8 (1904): 187-199. Former Indian lands that were target of what Cory calls "the second Kansas invasion"--settlement of southeastern counties after Civil War--with special attention to Settler's Protective Association.

Morehouse, George P. "Along the Kaw Trail." 8 (1904): 206-212. Well-defined trail used by Kansas en route to buffalo hunting grounds.

Morse, O. E. "An Attempted Rescue of John Brown From Charlestown, Va., Jail." 8 (1904): 213-226. A plot concocted by Kansans Richard J. Hinton, James Hanway, and James Montgomery reportedly halted by Brown himself, followed by comments from D. R. Anthony and D. W. Wilder.

McClure, James R. "Taking the Census and Other Incidents in 1855." 8 (1904): 227-250. Recollections of Indiana lawyer and "Douglas Democrat" who removed to Kansas in October 1854.

Hobbs, Wilson. "The Friends' Establishment in Kansas Territory." 8 (1904): 250-271. Reminiscences of medical doctor who lived and worked among Shawnees as mission school superintendent and teacher, 1850-1852.

"Kansas at Chickamauga and Chattanooga." 8 (1904): 271-275. Work of commission formed to honor 8th Kansas Infantry's sacrifice in battle through erection of monuments at new battlefield park in 1895.

Bondi, August. "With John Brown in Kansas." 8 (1904): 275-289. An Austrian immigrant who came to territory in 1855, road with "Captain" Brown, and thus recount "his heroic deeds."

Hay, Robert. "The Great Seal of Kansas." 8 (1904): 289-299. Background, development, and role of John Ingalls and others; included illustration.

Morrow, Robert. "Emigration to Kansas In 1856." 8 (1904): 302-315. Recollections of early Lawrence resident.

Lutz, Rev. John J. "Quantrill and the Morgan Walker Tragedy." 8 (1904): 324-331. Reportedly first documented incident of the guerillas treachery, Jackson County, Missouri, December 1860.

Adams, Franklin G. "The Capitals of Kansas." 8 (1904): 331-351. Fort Leavenworth, Shawnee Mission, Pawnee, Lecompton, Minneola, and Topeka with information on construction of state capitol.

Fairfield, S. H. "The Eleventh Kansas Regiment at Platte Bridge." 8 (1904): 352-362. Indian fight in Wyoming Territory, July 1865.

Elliott, R. G. "The Big Springs Convention." 8 (1904): 362-377. First significant free-state assembly, September 1855, called to counter actions of "bogus" legislature.

Martin, George W. "A Kansas Pioneer Merchant." 8 (1904): 380-384. Biographical sketch of William Leamer of Lecompton who first established business there in 1856.

Roenigk, Adolph. "Railroad Grading Among Indians." 8 (1904): 384-389. Author worked for Kansas Pacific in 1868.

Lecompte, Samuel D. "A Defense By Samuel D. Lecompte." 8 (1904): 389-405. First published in Sol Miller's Troy Chief, February 4, 1875; concerning his controversial tenure as chief justice of Kansas territorial court, 1854-1859.

Martin, George W. "A Kansas Soldier's Escape from Camp Ford, Texas." 8 (1904): 405-415. About Captain Robert Henderson of 6th Kansas Cavalry.

"Autobiography of F. B. Sanborn." 8 (1904): 415-423. New England confidant and financial backer of "that remarkable champion of freedom, John Brown."

Adams, Franklin G., ed. "Reminiscences of Frederick Chouteau." 8 (1904): 423-434. Famous pioneer trading family, based on notes taken by Adams in 1880.

Remsburg, George J. "Isle Au Vache." 8 (1904): 436-443. One-time island in the Missouri near Atchison, later known as Cow Island, with history dating at least to early 1700s.

Kiene, L. L. "The Battle of the Spurs and John Brown's Exit From Kansas." 8 (1904): 443-449. During flight to Canada just months before Harper's Ferry raid.

Gill, Helen G. "The Establishment of Counties in Kansas." 8 (1904): 449-472. Includes numerous maps depicting dates of organization, 1855-1904.

"High Waters in Kansas." 8 (1904): 472-481. Excerpts from Jotham Meeker's diary and letters, May-December, 1844.

Peck, Robert Morris. "Recollections of Early Times in Kansas Territory: From the Standpoint of a Regular Cavalryman." 8 (1904): 484-507. Peck was private in 1st U.S. Cavalry assigned to Fort Leavenworth in 1857.

"A Roster of Kansas for Fifty Years." 8 (1904): 508-542. Comprehensive listing of territorial and state officials.