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Kansas Historical Collections - Volume VI, 1897-1900

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Officers, Directors and Proceedings of Annual Meetings, 1897-1900: 3-34

Moore, Horace L. "The Nineteenth Kansas Cavalry." 6 (1900): 35-52. Mustered into federal service October 10, 1868, for service in the Plains Indian.

Elliott, L. R. "Memorial on James M. Harvey." 6 (1900): 53-56. Harvey (1833-1894) was Kansas' fifth governor (1869-1873) and U.S. Senator (1874-1877).

Speer, John. "Accuracy in History." 6 (1900): 60-69. Recounts early repression of freestaters in territorial Kansas.

Snow, F. H. "The Beginnings of the University of Kansas." 6 (1900): 70-75. Shows background from 1855 to "opening of the university, September 12, 1866."

Woodward, Brinton W. "Reminiscences of September 14, 1856; Invasion of the 2700." 6 (1900): 77-83. Incidents at Lawrence and Governor John Geary's intervention.

Cordley, Richard. "Memorial on Timothy Dwight Thacher." 6 (1900): 83-89. Thacher (1831-1894) was a Lawrence editor, delegate to Leavenworth Constitutional Convention, and Kansas University regent.

Carruth, William H. "The New England Emigrant Aid Company as an Investment Society." 6 (1900): 90-96.

Connelley, William E. "The First Provisional Constitution of Kansas." 6 (1900): 97-113. Provides background for constitution of "Nebraska" prepared by Wyandot Indians in 1853.

Taylor, Albert R. "History of Normal-School Work in Kansas." 6 (1900): 114-121. The early years of what became the State Teachers College (now Emporia State University).

Williston, S. W., and H. T. Martin. "Some Pueblo Ruins in Scott County, Kansas." 6 (1900): 124-130. Area now known as El Cuartalejo.

Brown, W. L. "Kansas in the Spanish-American War." 6 (1900): 130-132. Focuses on the Twenty-first Kansas Regiment.

Metcalf, Wilder S. "The Twentieth Kansas Regiment in the Philippines." 6 (1900): 133-137. A brief general description, by the regiment's second in command.

Harvey, A. M. "The Twenty-Second Kansas Regiment." 6 (1900): 137-143. This regiment saw less than six months of service.

Beck, James. "Organization and Service of the Twenty-third Kansas Regiment." 6 (1900): 143-145. Provides itinerary of the "colored" unit's duty stations, including Cuba.

Ware, Eugene F. "The Neutral Lands." 6 (1900): 147-169. Details early developments in Cherokee County, most of Crawford County and part of Bourbon County, with most attention to the era 1866-1871.

Wilder, Daniel W., Samuel A. Kingman and Floyd G. Adams. "Memorial on Franklin G. Adams." 6 (1900): 169-175. Adams (1824-1899) was the first secretary of the Kansas State Historical Society.

Blackmar, F. W. "Charles Robinson." 6 (1897-1900): 187-202. A free-state partisan during territorial day, Robinson served as Kansas' first governor.

Bonebrake, P. I. "George T. Anthony." 6 (1900): 202-206. Anthony (1824-1896) was governor of Kansas 1877-1879, and editor of Kansas Farmer.

Henry, Stuart. "Solon O. Thacher." 6 (1900): 206-219. Biographical sketch of a leading Lawrence attorney/judge.

"Wm. H. H. Kelley." 6 (1900): 219-221. Harrison Kelley (1836-1897) served in Congress, 1889-1891.

"Edward Russell." 6 (1900): 221-222. Russell (1833-1898) was an active, political and military figure.

"James S. Emery." 6 (1900): 223-225. Emery (1826-1899) came to Kansas as U.S. district attorney in 1863.

Green, L. F. "James B. Abbott." 6 (1900): 225-231. Abbott (1818-1897) was a member of the group that freed Dr. John Doy.

Root, Frank A. "L. R. Elliott." 6 (1900): 231-233. Elliott (1835-1899) was a newspaper and real estate operator.

Diggs, Annie L. "Stephen McLallin." 6 (1900): 233-234. McLallin (1837-1897) was owner of the Advocate, a leading Populist journal.

"Matthew Weightman." 6 (1900): 234-236. Weightman (1831-1897) came to Kansas in 1855.

"George A. Crawford." 6 (1897-1900): 237-248. Crawford (1827-1891), sometimes referred to as "Governor."

Gleed, Charles S. "Samuel Walker." 6 (1900): 249-274. Walker (1822-*) a leading free-stater who became a Lawrence liveryman.

"Almerin Gillett." 6 (1900): 274-275. Gillett (1838-1896), a Civil War soldier, served as a lawyer, legislator, and public servant.

"Kansas State Publications." 6 (1900): 419-475. Includes semi-public groups such as Kansas Academy of Science and the Horticultural Society, student publication at state colleges, as well as state agencies.

Rickey, W. E. "The Real Quivira." 6 (1900): 477-485. Holds that Quivira extended to Wabaunsee County.

"A. J. Arnold." 6 (1900): 275-276. Arnold (1845-1899) was Topeka drug store owner and postmaster.

Hopkins, Florence M. "Henry Hopkins." 6 (1900): 276-284. Hopkins (1837-1883) was a long-time Kansas public servant.

Gleed, Charles S. "Thomas A. Osborn." 6 (1897-1900): 284-287. Biographical sketch of the governor of Kansas from 1875-1879.

Robinson, Charles. "Topeka and her Constitution." 6 (1900): 291-305. Personal remembrance of the first constitution drafted for Kansas.

Speer, John. "The Burning of Osceola, Mo., by Lane, and the Quantrill Massacre Contrasted." 6 (1900): 305-312. Personal investigations in Osceola and in Lawrence.

Learnard, O. E. "Organization of the Republican Party." 6 (1900): 312-316. At Osawatomie in 1859.

Palmer, H. E. "The Lawrence Raid." 6 (1900): 317-325. About Quantrill's raid as told by the captain of Co. A, Eleventh Kansas Volunteer Cavalry.

Prentis, Noble L. "Pike of Pike's Peak." 6 (1900): 325-336. Description of Zebulon Montgomery Pike (1779-1813).

Wilder, Daniel W. "The Story of Kansas." 6 (1900): 336-342. Concentrates on territorial period.

Drought, E. S. W. "James Montgomery." 6 (1900): 342-343. About meeting Montgomery in 1861.

McNeal, T. A. "The Indians Agree to Abandon Kansas." 6 (1900): 344-346. The Medicine Lodge Treaty of 1867.

Freeman, Winfield. "The Battle of Arickaree." 6 (1900): 346-357. Also known as Battle of Beecher Island, September 17-20, 1868.

Gleed, Charles S. "The First Kansas Railway." 6 (1900): 357-359. Elwood to Wathena, 1860.

Hutchinson, William. "Claims for Losses of Kansas Settlers During the Troubles of 1855 and 1856." 6 (1900): 360-365. As with most such claims, satisfaction was slow and awards represented only about 30 percent of claims.

Smith, Ed. R. "Marais des Cygnes Tragedy." 6 (1900): 365-370. The Linn County massacre of May 19, 1858, left five free-staters killed and five wounded.

Hinton, R. J. "Pens that Made Kansas Free." 6 (1900): 371-382. Mentions national, as well as Kansas editors who vigorously worked for a free state.

"Papers Relating to the Constitutions of Kansas, 1855-1861." 6 (1900): 384-393. An elaborate name index of sources.

"Kansas Territorial Publications." 6 (1900): 394-418. An extensive name index, citing sources.