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Kansas Historical Collections - Volume I-II

Volume I


1875-1878 - First Biennial Report

"Report of the Board of Directors." 1 (1878): 1-10. Collections including principal book accessions and pamphlets.

"Newspaper Collections." 1 (1878): 11-110. Includes listing, by county, of bound files in KSHS collection, among other collections, constitution, and by-laws.

"William Lloyd Garrison." 1 (1878): 111-114.An autographed letter dated March 25, 1879.

Robinson, Charles. "Address of Governor Robinson." 1 (1878): 115-130. His "recollections and impressions" of territorial governors of Kansas.

Prouty, S. S. "Kansas as a Factor." 1 (1878): 131-142. Comments on territorial conflict.

"Governors of Kansas." 1 (1878): 143-144. List of governors of the territory and state, 1854 to 1879.

"Governor Andrew H. Reeder." 1 (1878): 145-156. Biographical sketch of first territorial governor from Kansas Weekly Herald, September 15, 1854.

"Portrait of Ex-Governor Charles Robinson." 1 (1878): 157-160. Biographical sketch of first governor of Kansas.

Volume II


1879-1880 - Second Biennial Report

"In Memoriam. Hon. Richard Baxter Taylor." 2 (1880): 161-182. Biographical sketch of early editor of Wyandotte Gazette followed by some "Kansas Newspaper History" by Taylor.

"In Memoriam. George Graham." 2 (1880): 182-185. Biographical sketch of Graham, who had served as state board of railroads assessor and probate judge.

"Marble Bust of Eli Thayer." 2 (1880): 186-192. Donation of bust of Eli Thayer, Emigrant Aid Society of Massachusetts.

"Letters of New England Clergymen." 2 (1880): 193-202. Includes listing of those in KSHS holdings donated by Emigrant Aid Company.

"Selections from the Hyatt Manuscripts." 2 (1880): 203-221. Thaddeus Hyatt's National Kansas Committee collected statements from early settlers in 1856.

"The Abbott Howitzer--Its History." 2 (1880): 221-226. Now in Society's collections, the "first Free-State cannon brought to Kansas" discussed through statement by J. B. Abbott and additional letters.

"Richard B. Foster's Statement." 2 (1880): 226-228. An account by the Reverend Foster published in the Lowell (Massachusetts) Journal and Courier, August 30, 1856.

"Capture of Colonel Titus--The Treaty--the Exchange." 2 (1880): 228-230. The capture of Fort Titus, from the New York Times August 17, 1856.

"Experience of N. W. Spicer in Kansas." 2 (1880): 230-232. Reminiscence of Spicer who traveled from Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, to Kansas Territory in 1856. 

"Letter of James Montgomery." 2 (1880): 232-233. Letter dated may 8, 1861.

Fisk, Ephraim. "First Settlement of Geneva, Allen County." 2 (1880): 234-235. Free-state effort of 1857.

Simpson, Benjamin F. "The Wyandotte Constitution." 2 (1880): 236-247. Reflections by a delegate to the 1859 convention on his fellow constitution makers.

Tracy, Col. Frank M. "Capture of the Iatan Flag." 2 (1880): 248-252. Confederate flag taken by members of First Kansas Infantry, in Platte County, Missouri, June 1861.

Dallas, E. J. "Kansas Postal History." 2 (1880): 255-260. Data on the state's oldest post offices beginning with Fort Leavenworth, established May 29, 1828.

"Movements for Territorial Organization." 2 (1880): 261-262. A history of Pottawatomie County, 1879.

"Early Military Posts, Missions and Camps." 2 (1880): 263-270. Reprint of New York Tribune article of June 28, 1854, plus information on Osage, Iowa, Sac, and Fox missions.

"Rev. Isaac McCoy." 2 (1880): 271-275. The missionary's work in Kansas from manuscripts in Society's collections.

Cone, William W. "The First Kaw Indian Mission." 2 (1880): 276-301. Established by Methodist William Johnson in 1830; followed by account of "The Kansas Indians" from Long's 1819 report.

Index 2 (1880): 303-328.