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Archeology opportunities

Archeologists are employed as teachers and researchers at a variety of institutions across Kansas. These institutions maintain laboratories and curation facilities to process and house artifacts and records.

The Kansas Historical Society functions as the main records depository, acts as a clearinghouse for information, develops educational programming, and serves as the investigative arm of the Unmarked Burial Sites Board. The Society's Historic Preservation Office administers programs designed to promote the preservation of archeological sites and historic structures. The executive director of the Society serves as the State Historic Preservation Officer and as chair of the Kansas Antiquities Commission, an association of professional archeologists.

Many people are interested in archeology and want to contribute to it. Several of the universities offer summer field schools for their students. The Kansas Archeology Training Program, sponsored by the Historical Society and the Kansas Anthropological Association (KAA), was designed to educate avocational or "amateur" archeologists and other concerned citizens and involve them in Society-directed research.

If you are a member of the public interested in archeology and are unsure how to get involved or would like to learn about how to be a better steward of the past, please contact: Nikki Klarmann, State Archeologist, 785-272-8681, ext. 269; nikki.klarmann@ks.gov.